The weakest link in a system determines its success. With us, you can improve to the point and more effective individual components for a more in quality and quantity.

Conveyor Technology

You have a transport problem in your system – We supply the appropriate roller, belt, modular belt or chain conveyor, whether for board stacks or heavy duty transfers.

From the setting belt to the alignment and turning, with our transfers, we move board and stacks to the desired transfer point in your production line.

Handling Technology

Palletizing, depalletizing or applying according to customer requirements. From the cull/dunnage robot to the pallet feeder, we apply according to your specifications in the wet and dry area of your production.

With the integration of suction frames or suction boxes, the individual handling of your products can be carried out precisely for storage or subsequent transport packaging.

Stacking Systems

Depending on requirements, we can supply standard stackers, multiple or double stackers, as well as stack turners for all usual production speeds. Portal stacking or re-stacking are other options that we can offer to our customers.


Through our modular design system, we produce gypsum coolers with hourly flow rates from 10t – 80t. The dimensioning of these devices varies from 1.3m – 3.2m diameter with lengths from 5.0m – 11.0m. All coolers operate according to the indirect heat exchanger principle and can be completely emptied. A residence zone can be added for stucco homogenization.

All main components are subject to a certified production with weld seam test for comprehensive quality control.

Rotary Calciners

According to customer specification, we manufacture rotary kilns with a daily output of 100t – 600t.

We would be pleased to clarify constructive details as part of a specific inquiry.


For the field of gypsum boards, we have single board or package saws in the assortment.

If necessary, center cutting or dividing saws are also available as a design solution.


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