Wallboard Production Lines

Conveying and handling technologies for all board sizes

No matter if roller, belt or modular chain type conveyors – we will supply the matching solution for your production line.

Stacking, feeding, palletizing – all steps required to get your products ready for transport are within the range of our services. You set your requirements – we transform these into sustainable technical solutions.

Plant Parameters

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    Performance: 4-100 mio. m²/a

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    Production speeds: up to 200 m/min

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    Width: 600 – 1.400 mm

  • noun_290695

    Length: 1.800 – 6.000 mm (finished product)

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    Thickness: 6,5 – 25 mm


Board types: Standard, moisture resistant, fire protected, light weight, reinforced, mixed types…etc.

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Franz Eckardt
E-mail: feckardt@gyptech.de

Stefan Backof
E-mail: sbackof@gyptech.de

Viktor Zerr
E-mail: vzerr@gyptech.de

Contact for wallboard production lines

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