For any production path we support our customers with innovative concepts to improve quality or production speed, just as needed.

Starting from the technical and commercial layout all the way to the successful commissioning we accompany our projects to achieve the desired optimization target.

Wallboard Production Lines

Conveying and handling technologies for all board sizes – no matter if roller, belt or modular chain type conveyors – we will supply the matching solution for your production line.
Stacking, feeding, palletizing – all steps required to get your products ready for transport are within the range of our services. You set your requirements – we transform these into sustainable technical solutions.

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Light Cement Board Production

Starting from raw material feeding, continuous flow mixing and forming, followed by curing, stacking and ready palletizing – we provide suitable solutions for your production flow. Our water jet cutting units prove precise edge finishing for a wide span of reinforcing fabrics used for cement boards.

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α-Gypsum Production

No matter if whole scale layout or selective equipment improvements – we supply all needed plant components from rock handling until shipping palletizing following your individual needs. Gyptech is developing the complete plant layout together with our customers from the raw material receiving all the way to the loading of the final ground, classified and packed α-gypsum product.

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Plaster plants

You define the desired plant size daily capacity – our design selects the suitable technical components to come up with tailor-made production line for our customer.
Rock handling, calcining, grinding, classifying and packing – using our technical solutions we can guarantee the continuous quality and output of your future production line.

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